Privacy Policy

We don't mess with your privacy

    Since many of our apps perform face analysis on photos, we hereby explain our policy regarding face data:

  • All photo analysis tasks in our apps are handled inside your device. No photos or videos are sent outside of your device, for analysis.

  • All face data detected and analyzed by our apps are discarded after image editing tasks are completed. No face data are retained inside the app, or in outside servers.

  • No face data are shared with third parties, or even with the developers.

  • To summarize; we do not collect, use, disclose, share, or retain ANY face data from our apps.

  • Additional general privacy information:

  • This site does not track you.

  • Our apps do not track you, store your data, or sell your data to others.

  • If any of our apps store your data in future, they will be listed below with details on what type of data are stored.

Apps that store your data

Currently, none of our apps store your data. All your data is saved only on your device, when you use our apps.